Sophie’s story

We wish to bring to your attention the tragic situation of a 7 year old girl, Sophie G. Her mother, Ruxanda G., an Austrian citizen born in Romania, was brutally murdered in November 2012 by her husband, Christoph G. (who is currently under arrest, accused of murder), only 6 days before the begin of the legal action for divorce; on that day she confronted him once more with the suspected sexual molestation of their daughter, abuse that had been apparently taking place for years on end; this confrontation was the death verdict for Ruxanda. After the murder, Sophie’s father took Sophie to his parents and, through an illegally assumed competence by the local judge, the criminal’s parents received temporary custody!! Since December 2012 the maternal grandmother has been trying to obtain the custody of Sophie, especially since in April 2013 Sophie told her (and 4 other witnesses!!) that the paternal grandfather was sexually molesting her as well. The judge and the Children’s “Protection” Services, again through an illegally assumed competence, had her returned to the abuser and the grandmother has not seen her since!!!! After finally making the whole story public, in June the grandmother found new (effective and committed) lawyers, who are helping her with the legal actions.

How it all started: ever since Sophie was 2 years old, her mother and grandmother noticed a peculiar behaviour, which triggered alarm signals: Sophie would lick people, display explicit sexual positions and make equally strange comments. At 2 years and a half the first clear signs of abuse were noticed. Sophie said her father was bad and upsetting her. When she was asked why he was bad and how was he upsetting her, she replied “with daddy’s stick!” indicating the areas where she had been touched. Over the years, the abuse signals grew stronger and the mother, although initially shocked and confused, repeatedly confronted her husband. He firmly denied everything every time. Moreover, he warned Ruxanda that in case of a divorce he would get to have Sophie exclusively for 3 days a week and assured his wife that nobody would believe her, especially his own parents. After numerous family counselling meetings, during which they discussed these suspicions as well, and after receiving clear signals from her child that things were not alright, scared, Ruxanda decided to file for divorce, but received, in exchange, threats from her husband, an Austrian citizen from a reputable family (he held several senior managerial positions, including one in Romania, as CFO of Titan SA bread factory in Bucharest).

Following the advice of a psychologist, Ruxanda kept a detailed diary of the suspicious events that she and her mother noticed or that Sophie herself mentioned. In October 2012 she filed for divorce. On the day she was murdered, Ruxanda told her mother she was going to have a final discussion with her husband and his father and “convince” them to give up any claims for custody at the upcoming divorce hearing, otherwise she would “tell everything”. It was on that same evening that Ruxanda was brutally murdered, very probably with Sophie as a witness in the apartment.

Unfortunately, Sophie’s abuse nightmare continued, even after she was entrusted to the criminal’s parents in Steyr. At the end of April 2013, Sophie confessed to her maternal grandmother Minerva R. that her paternal grandfather was also molesting her. “The little girl told me he asked her to open her mouth, and he urinated. Then he introduced a finger in her anus. The girl was frightened, she was crying” says the grandmother. “When I heard this, I was horrified. I did not know how to react. 4 other persons witnessed Sophie’s confession. Sophie was brought on the same day to a Crisis Center in Vienna, where she stayed overnight. The director of the Vienna Center for Intervention against Domestic Violence made a report of Sophie’s confessions, describing the danger in which Sophie was living, and she sent it to Child Protection Services Vienna. However, the same (corrupt) judge and the Child “Protection” Services from Steyr, again through an illegally assumed competence, had her returned to the abuser and the grandmother has not seen her since 28 April 2013!!!!

According to the latest legal actions started by the grandmother Minerva R. in Steyr and Vienna, it is very well possible that the ongoing investigations in Steyr are under cover-up pressure from the murderer’s family, considering that the paternal grandfather is an “important” and “respected” member of the Steyr community, an IT collaborator of the Steyr Local Court and he is also a member of Club 41 Steyr, where the judge who decided on the custody was holding lectures (after we revealed this fact, the photos on the Club 41 homepage showing the judge lecturing suddenly disappeared!!!!!).

Ruxanda’s family and friends are asking for your help. We need this case to reach a wide international public awareness. Sophie needs to be saved from the dangerous environment in the criminal’s family, she requires a much needed therapy and needs to live a safe and peaceful life at least from now on.

How it all started.


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